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Hello There, Beautiful

I'm guessing you are here because you haven't connected with the right stylist or you're new in

town and trust me, I understand how nerve wracking  that can be!

To help alleviate some of the stress that comes with finding a new hair home,
I have created a seamless 3 step guide for all new clients to schedule an appointment.  

So, go ahead and get your hair journey started!



Get to know a little about me and

what services I specialize in.



Select a service package from

an exclusive menu



Once you have submitted an appointment request, you will get a reply from me via text within 12 business hours asking for photos of what your hair looks like currently and a few color inspiration pics. 

We will then have a generalized consultation discussing your form, hair goals and pricing for the services you scheduled.


What To Expect

The Pre-Visit

Going to an unfamiliar place can be scary- (cue the social anxiety- lol) I have planned out every detail to make you your most comfortable by creating a new client appointment guide!

 This will be sent by text/email and contains  information about HL HAIR, tips on how to prep for the appointment, parking information and specific directions on how to find my location outside & inside the building. 

The Appointment

Once you have gotten comfortable in my studio suite, I will walk you through a 10-15 min

consultation recap on your desired hair color and plan out any long term hair goals. 

Throughout your appointment tips and tricks are always shared so don't hesitate to ask any

questions you may have- Believe me, I have heard and seen it all!  


​Finally, we wrap up the appointment with recommendations for at home care and by downloading my online booking app so you have  24/7 access to my schedule! 



At HL HAIR, we've got tons of things to keep you comfortable throughout your hair appointment, including: a wide variety of drinks and snacks, a laptop tray, affirmation cards (if one speaks to you, its yours to keep) ear plugs, eye glass covers, your choice of music and the option for a quiet chair. 


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